Husker Hottie Colby Carter

Colby Carter has been a Husker Hottie since 2010.  She is a bundle of positive energy at our charitable events, tailgates, and other functions.  Between now and 1 October 2015 you can VOTE for Colby for Miss JetSet USA!  She is already Miss JetSet Nebraska!  ROCK THE VOTE by following this link! Vote for COLBY!!!


Bringing Inbox To Google Apps For Work Customers

Last Fall, Google started its (slow) rollout of Inbox, its completely redesigned email experience for Gmail on the web and mobile. Even today, it’s still an invite-only service (but invites are pretty easy to come by these days).

Until now, however, it wasn’t possible to use Inbox with Google Apps for Work accounts. That’s changing today. Google has now launched an invite process that allows Google Apps for Work admins to request access to the service.

Portrait of beautiful happy woman holding a symbol heart.